Welcome to MeltDB  - What would you like to do?

  • Start MeltDB Collab   Collaborate online with fellow users
    Invite other MeltDB Users of this project to have a look at your chromatograms and spectra via the webbrowser. Discuss your data in real-time over the web!
  • Import chromatogram   Import raw chromatogram data
    This is for users, who would like to upload a new chromatogram in netCDF, mzXML or mzData format. This is the action you probably want to start with!
  • Define Chromatogram Group   Organize Chromatograms in Chromatogram Groups
    Here you can create a new ChromatogramGroup, which means selecting and organizing chromatograms. After your (replicate) groups have been defined, an experiment can be constructed from them.
  • Create experiment   Create a new Experiment
    An MeltDB experiment can be created by selecting and organizing chromatogram groups. After the experiment has been defined, further analyses like peak detection, chromatogram alignment and peak identification can be performed on the contained chromatograms.
  • iMelt - Browse/analyse my data   iMelt - Browse/analyse my data
    Show my MeltDB Experiments, ChromatogramGroups and Chromatograms.
  • Organize Experimental Factors   Organize Experimental Factors
    Create new experimental factors and specify their parameters. Growth media, treatment conditions, harvesting protocols and so forth can be defined and used for describing your experiments.